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Alribat Alamami Imarat Alf Wehda Sakania
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A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today

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A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today

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A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today


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Delivering innovative and cost effective oilfield premium services

Skilled Labors

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable labors help our customers to find safe, efficient, profitable solutions for their operations

Safe, Effective

Our HSSE Management System consider the safety issues as a line responsibility in our organisation and involving all personnel.

Quality Manufacturer

We provides a comprehensive range of products and advanced services which support drilling operations around the world

A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today

” Established in 2021, First Bergin is the result of more than 25 years of experience acquired by the parent company Bergin Oil Field Services Company, moving towards the goal of being the leading independent operation and maintenance qualified company for oil and gas industry in the Libyan territory. “

Who we are

First Bergin is a leading provider of premium rig services, specialist tools provider for the international oil and gas industry. Our experienced operators have been trained to diagnose any issue and resolve it quickly. Saving you time and money!

Our Petroleum Industry Services

First Bergin exceed customer expectations for every product and service we provide and demonstrate continuous improvement. We provide quality products designed and built to highest industry standard and deliver them on time.

Logistics Services

Maintenance services

Health, safety and environment (HSE) Policy

Comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) laws, regulations and standards and to apply responsible standards where legislation is inadequate or does not exist.

Develop effective HSE management systems to identify and manage risks associated with its activities by focusing on risk avoidance and prevention.

Establish accountability and responsibility for HSE within organisational line management.

Provide training, equipment and facilities necessary to maintain a safe and healthy worksite.

Support environmental protection, practice pollution prevention, and seek viable ways to minimize the environmental impact of operations, reduce waste, conserve resources and respect biodiversity.

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